Thin Stone Veneers


Thin Stone Veneer is either a light-weight precast, designed to look like real stone or actual stone, sliced thin to be installed as a veneer on the walls of homes and buildings. These products were designed to be place on pre-existing walls without the addition of extra foundational support, but over the years contractors and builders discovered that the thin veneer was less expensive, easier and quicker to install. With more choices in styles and colors then traditional stone veneers, and the reduction of cost for the wall support, prep work and installation, the thin stone veneer production has quickly grown so that it is now common place to see it on homes, stores and office buildings.

We are proud to be able to offer you interlocking pavers from the top two manufacturers in the Midwest. Click on one of the links above to learn more about these fine products for walks, patios and driveways.

Precast Stone Veneer

Precast Stone Veneers are a natural alternative to real stone. These light-weight aggregate concrete veneers can be installed on any interior or exterior wall with no extra foundational support bringing the beauty of natural stone to any home or office. Because it is a concrete product installed with mortar, like real stone, it is virtually impossible to distinguish it from the real thing. These light-weight veneers are ideal for fireplaces, kitchens, entryways, home or store fronts, and wine cellars. Over 200 styles to choose from in a wide variety of shapes and colors. It is easy to achieve the look and feel that you desire.

Eldorado's Cliffstone Cambrea

Eldorado's Cliffstone Lantana

Eldorado's Cliffstone Mazanea

Eldorado's Hillstone Molano

Eldorado's River Rock Saginaw

Eldorado's Rustic Ledge Saratoga

A sample of over 200 different sample boards of available styles. View these sample boards at our office or use our over-night check-out and bring some home. We handle the following manufacters lines of product: Click on name to visit the manufacters’ website.
Boulder Creek®
Eldorado Stone®
J&N Stone®
Boral Cultered Stone®

Thin-Cut Real Stone Veneer

Thin-cut real stone veneers are natural quarried stone that have been cut thin for adhesion to walls. Once installed, it is virtually impossible to tell that it is not a full stone block. Quarried from around the world, these stone veneers bring the timeless beauty of the natural world into your home with vivid textures and colors.



Canyon Creek

Hudson Ledgestone

New England Fieldstone

Platinum Ledgestone

Shady Canyon

Silver Ledgestone


We handle the following manufacters lines of product: Click on name to visit the manufacters’ website.
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