New York Blue Stone


New York Bluestone (also known as Pennsylvanian Bluestone) is a natural cleft sandstone used for patios, walkways and flooring. Strong and durable, it is available in a natural irregular shaped flagging or sawed in dimensional tiles (squares and rectangles). Quarried in both New York and Pennsylvania, Bluestone takes its name from the deep blue color of the original stone layers quarried. Bluestone is not limited to just the blue color, but comes in a mixture of a variety of colors from green, gray, reddish brown and lilac with striations of gold, purple and to find the right paving brick for any of your paving projects. For a complete description of all the available paving bricks, please visit the manufacturer’s website at the link below.

Approximately 360 million years ago during the Devonian Period, the Acadian Mountains were being eroded away. This material high in quartz, feldspar, sand and mica was deposited in a narrow band across the southern end of New York State and the northeastern part of Pennsylvania. This deposit known as the “Catskill Delta” is the birth place of bluestone. Formed in slow moving water, the eroded material was laid down in thin deposits showing the ripples and flow of the water over its surface. Over time, these layers coalesced into a strong sandstone known as a feldspathic greywacke. Eventually this stone was quarried and the thin layers (known as reeds) were split apart revealing the ancient delta surface and becoming New York Bluestone.

Dimensional New York Blue Stone

Dimensional New York Bluestone (sometimes referred to as pattern bluestone) is when this stone is cut into squares and rectangles. This is ideal for front entrances, sidewalks or patios. You still have the natural cleft surface of flagstone but get a more formal tiled look and tighter joints then an irregular shaped stone. Dimensional bluestone comes in 6” increments, from 12 x 12 inch squares to 24 x 36 inch rectangles. The thickness of this strong and durable stone usually is between a ½” and 1” which makes it a great material to cover your old concrete stoop or enhance those worn and chipped front entry stairs.

New York Bluestone Flagging

Bluestone flagging is an irregular shaped stone in varied sizes, this gives you a more rustic and natural look. The material is a wonderful choice for garden paths, seating areas, and patios. Being extremely strong and durable, this stone is also used in ponds and waterfalls.