We offer several types of decorative gravel, construction gravel, sand and mulch. Below is a list of the currently available stock products. Whether you need a full truck load or just a couple of buckets we can help you. All these materials are sold in bulk. All these materials can be picked-up in our yard. Bring your own container or empty sand bags can be purchased here. Delivery is available for loads of one ton or more.

Decorative Gravels

Colonial Blend

This multi-colored, 5/8″ diameter gravel is composed mostly of granite and basalt, making it ideal for use in ponds.

Rock Creek

Same as Colonial Blend but larger,
5/8″ to 3/4″ diameter.

Small Merrimac

A small 5/8″ diameter caramel colored decorative gravel.

Large Merrimac

This gravel has the same distinctive color as the small merrimac, but is larger with a 1 to 1 ½” diameter.

Beige Rounds

This 1″ to 1 ½” diameter washed gravel is beige colored and rounded.

American Heritage

This 1″ to 1 ½” diameter washed gravel is multi-colored with rounded beige colored pieces mixed with red, pink and black granite.

Crushed Red Granite

This crushed granite compacts solid to be used for a base for flagstone or
paving brick. Also used for paths.

Construction Sand & Gravel

Crushed Limestone

Construction grade 3/4″ crushed
limestone used for fill.

Grade 8

Limestone crushed from 3/4″ down to fines. Ideal for a compacted base for flagstone, paving brick and driveways.

Limestone Screenings

Limestone crushed to sand size particles. Use for leveling, compacts harder then sand.

Torpedo Sand

A course grained sand used for leveling, concrete, and in sandbags.

Mason Sand

A fine grained sand used for mortar, children’s sandboxes, and under pools.

Pea Gravel

This is an high quality pea gravel, well washed and sorted with nicely rounded pieces. Great for fill in drainage projects, dog-runs, and even crawl spaces.


Brown Mulch

This mulch is ideal for exposed areas where appearance is important. A hardwood mulch which is dyed walnut brown, giving it a long lasting rich and pleasing color.

Premium Bark Mulch

The Premium Bark Mulch is made from the bark of the tree. The bark is the portion of the tree that has all the nutrients and makes a mulch that is very beneficial to your plants and shrubs. Not only does this mulch create a humus layer that helps retain moisture, it also helps feed your plants with the nutrients from the bark. This is an ideal mulch for areas with plantings.

Hardwood Mulch

The hardwood mulch is a mixture of aged woods, consisting mostly of hardwoods but also having some bark. This mulch is ideal for shaded areas where grass does not grow, under trees and around bushes.