Boulders & Cobbles

Feather Rock

Featherock is a light-weight volcanic pumice that is about half the weight of normal rocks and is ideal to use in your landscaping projects. Great for flower gardens, as an accent rock and in ponds and water features. Come see our selection! Whether you need soft-ball size or large boulders, we have it in stock!

Wisconsin Cobbles

During the ice age, sheets of ice extended from Canada into the northern half of the US. While these glaciers were moving south, they picked-up chunks of Canadian granite, rolling it under mile thick ice and deposited this rock in Wisconsin. Then as the ice sheets melted, huge amounts of melt water flowed over these granite chunks smoothing and rounding them further, making what is now known as the Wisconsin Cobble. These Cobbles, sometimes referred to as river rocks, fieldstone or granite boulders, are made of the now smooth and rounded granite. Ranging in size from a few inches to several feet across, they come in a mixture of colors, from a deep rose, to pink, buff, black and even white. Some are striped, some are spotted, and some even have swirls of different colors. Available in three sizes, these cobbles are great for ponds, borders and small retaining walls. Wisconsin Cobbles are an economical and easy way to enhance the beauty of your yard or garden.

Large Cobbles

18" to 24" diameter

Medium Cobbles

8" to 12" diameter

Small Cobbles

4" to 8" diameter

Large Specimen Boulders

We offer a large selection of individual boulders from round granite to weathered limestone. These boulders are great for landscaping accents and car stops. Each boulder is unique. The selection varies thought out the year so stop by often and find the boulder that meets your needs and space.

Large Granite Boulders, great for landscaping accents, ponds, and along the curb as car stops.

The rustic look of natural weathering is seen in this Moss Rock, ideal for waterfalls.