Sealers, Cleaners & Accessories

Polymeric Sand and Joint Filler

A specially formulated sand for use in filling joints in paving brick and stone patios, walks or driveways. The binder in Polymeric Sand helps resist erosion and weed growth. Available Colors: Grey and Tan

Low and High Gloss Paver Sealer

This sealer provides protection against weathering, staining and fading of your pavers while enhancing their color and stabilizing the joint sand. Also works with natural stone. Available in low or high gloss.

EF Efflorescence Cleaner

This is an ideal cleaner to remove efflorescence, a white haze on your brick, and restore color before sealing.

RE Rust Eliminator

Rust Eliminator is one of several products used to remove those nasty stains that can degrade the beauty of your patio. Ask our sales associate which product is best for your particular situation.

CD Cleaner and Degreaser

This Cleaner and Degreaser is specifically designed to remove grease and only from concrete paving brick without harming the bricks finish or discoloring its surface.

Manufactured Stone Cleaner

A mild cleaner specially designed to clean dirt and mortar from concrete based manufactured stone and brick.

VOC Retaining Wall & Paver Adhesive

VOC Compliant SRW Adhesive is one of the best adhesive made for adhering brick, stone and concrete. With its superior strength, a couple of ¼ inch beads is all that is needed to securely fasten your wall caps or brick stair treads.

Diamond Saw Blades

We carry a wide variety of diamond saw blades. Choose the size, quality and type you need for your project.