Retaining Wall Systems

Retaining Walls Overview

At one time, a retaining wall was just a functional wall used to hold back the dirt and soil. Now, with the development of better concretes, dyes, and interlocking technologies, the once mundane concrete retaining wall has moved well above and beyond its humble beginnings. With an ever increasing number of colors, textures, and shapes, these wall system have become stronger, more decorative, and easier to use and install. We at The Stone Center, Inc. are proud to offer you wall systems from some of the top manufactures. We are sure you will find the system that meets your needs, budget, and look for any of your projects.

Wall Systems

Step Back Retaining Walls

Step back walls are used to retain dirt and soils. Each course of the wall is set back farther into the hillside then the course below it. This increases its strength and provides a wall with incredible integrity. These walls are ideal for soil stabilization, foundations, raised garden walls, erosion control, terraces, ponds and lakes, for residential and commercial projects.

Free-Standing and Seat Walls

A free standing wall runs vertically straight up with no set back. Though these walls can and do retain soils, they are built more for aesthetics then structural support of soils. Highly decorative, they are used for seat-walls around patios, decorative garden walls, and often used in combination with paving brick for raised patios, steps and stairs.

Combo Walls

Some of the many wall systems available have combined both the Step-back and Free Standing capabilities into one system. With these systems, it is possible to construct both types of walls with the same retaining wall block. This is ideal for the homeowner who needs both to retain soils and have decorative seat-walls.

Block Walls

A block wall is just like it sounds... a wall created by stacking concrete blocks. This type of wall has no locking mechanism but with the current technologies and development of superior adhesives, this type of wall has become very popular in the creation of decorative patios and columns.