Retaining Wall Brands

Belgard Walls

Diamond® and Highland Retaining Wall® Collections

Anchor® Diamond® and Highland Stone Retaining Wall® Collections manufactured by Belgard® Hardscapes are an unique group of easy to use step-back retaining walls. With its rear-lip locking design, these systems build an incredibly strong wall. Tapered sides allow for both straight and curved walls with the same block, and the split-face give the wall a more natural appearance.

Diamond® Wall

is a 6 inch high, single size block system, available in either a straight face or bevel face. You can choose from four colors, buff, gray, Prairie Blend and Red/charcoal, with matching step and cap units available.

Highland Stone Retaining Wall®

is a 6 inch high, three size block system, available in either a step-back wall or a free-standing wall. You can choose from four colors with matching step, column and cap units.

Diamond Wall
Used in the buff color used in a terraced wall around a patio.
Diamond Straight
Diamond Straight in Prairie color showing it’s immense retaining capabilities.
Diamond Pro Stone Cut
Diamond Pro Stone Cut retains the neighbors yard.

Diamond Pro® and Diamond Pro Stone Cut®

is for the large projects. These 8 inch high blocks have a greater square footage and deeper dimension then the other systems, making them idea for your larger projects. Diamond Pro® is a single size block system, available in a straight face or beveled face and comes in either buff or gray. Diamond Pro Stone Cut® is a three size block system with an antiqued face. Both systems haven matching corner blocks and cap units

Windsor Stone
The easy-to-use Windsor makes a decorative raised garden
Weston Stone
A unique seat-wall around a raised patio with Weston Wall.
BelAir Wall
Free-standing seat walls with limestone cap on piers

BelAir Wall®

has an unique molded stone face giving you an alternative to the split-face look of other retaining wall systems. Available in three colors, this multiple size block system can build either free-standing or step-back walls.

Weston Stone®

is an antiqued block wall system. These 8″ x 12″ x 4″ wall units are ideal for the creation of columns and unique free-standing walls. Available in six colors.

Windsor Stone®

is the smaller version of the Diamond® Wall. It has the same unique rear-lip locking design, the tapered sides and the beveled split-face of the larger blocks but was developed with the homeowner in mind. This easy to use wall system is ideal for garden walls, terraces and small retaining walls. The single size block is 4 inches high by 12 inches long and is available in six colors with matching cap units.

Unilock Walls

Olde Quarry® Wall

We are proud suppliers of Unilock Retaining Wall Systems.
For information and a complete description of these retaining walls
please visit the manufacturer’s website at the link below.

Olde Quarry® Wall (right) is one of the many distinctive wall systems offered by Unilock. This small display wall and pier is capped with Unilock’s Ledgestone™ coping and pillar cap, a unique and easy-to-install cap made to look like natural stone with rockfaced edges.